Platform: Flash

Controls: Keyboard

“somehow consumes whole days of your life if you let it”The Stranger’s Slog

Try to form tetrads (four-piece groups) out of the falling pieces in this action puzzle game. But remember – only four pieces per group!

Based on this post by David Friedman.

Click with mouse on Start to begin the game.

Left and Right keys move the piece to the sides. Down drops the lowermost moving piece.

Make tetrads to destroy them. If you create gray blocks, destroy tetrads next to them to erode them.

P pauses, R restarts, M toggles music, S toggles sound.

2 thoughts on “Sirtet

  1. DRLS

    Holy shit that remix of the tetris theme in the background is great! Who did it?
    Also this game is more entertaining than I’d like to admit.


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