The Isles

The Isles

Platform: Shiny (Windows / Wine)

Controls: Keyboard: Arrows move, ZXAS

Credits: Zaratustra (game), Karyn Ribas (character design)

An entry for the SHARECART 1000 project. An experimental zelda-like.

Download The Isles v1000.1

changelog: fixed insta-gameover, better feedback on enemy damage, reminder on how to get unstuck

The Isles is part of the SHARECART 1000 project. It may have unusual effects when installed along with the other games in the project (make sure all games are installed under the same SHARECART1000 directory)

Arrows - Walk
Z - Jump (eventually)
X- Attack
A - Use Flute
S- Change Weapons
ESC - Return to main screen

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