Platform: HTML5

Controls: Arrows, Spacebar, R

For the Cyberpunk Jam. Use your haxing skills to beat arcane security systems.

Click here to play the game.

Invade the heavily-secured headquarters of the corp and steal their precious datas. Hax servers and drones to perform your bidding.

Arrows to move, Space when facing a server or sneaking on a drone to hax it. Edit the server/drone’s programming then press HAXED! to continue playing. Press R to restart level.

One thought on “HAX:CORP

  1. Josh_Eubank

    Awesome stuff. Just a problem I noticed, When resetting a room, not everything resets, some ‘sensor’s ramain tripped after resetting, droids remain in place after resetting etc, making it impossible to get some data if you dont do it right the first time, forcing the player to reset and try from scratch.


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