Platform: Shiny (Windows / Wine)

Controls: Keyboard: Arrows move, Z jumps, X everts / Joystick: Pad moves, B1 jumps, B2 everts

Credits: Zaratustra (game), Miroslav Malesevic (some of the music)

“deceptively awesome”VGCats

“sounds – possibly musical – heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being.” An entry for TIGsource’s Commonplace Book Competition. A cute platformer with a dark secret.

Download Eversion v1.7.3 here – Mediafire mirror

Download Eversion v1.7.3 here – local mirror


Left and Right - Walk
Z - Jump
X- Everse (in certain areas)
ESC - Return to main screen. You may restart from any level you’ve reached.

Discover the rest as the game progresses.

50 thoughts on “Eversion

  1. Chris Provencher

    Hi Zaratustra,

    I am planning on starting a ‘Let’s Play’ channel on YouTube. A friend recommended Your Eversion game as one I should be covering. I was specifically planning on running a ‘blind’ lets play (without having previously played the game). Would it be okay for me to use video footage from your game in my channel? Also, would it be allowable to monetize these videos on YouTube via the YouTube partnership ads?


    1. zaratustra Post author

      I’ve contacted you with relevant information through your provided email. Thanks for asking.

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  3. Ryusuta

    I just wanted to say that I had originally seen Eversion in an LP video (by DeceasedCrab, if it’s relevant), and I was amazed at the powerful imagery and changes in tone (both literally and figuratively) throughout the game. when I heard of the HD version on Steam, I snatched it up and haven’t regretted it. Thank you for your exemplary work on this game!

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    1. Virtuality

      Lol, that’s awesome >.< i haven't played it yet, but i wanto see if i can play it on the windows phone, if not i might re create this game for myself on a phone lol

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  10. Amo387

    A friend just directed me to the game, saying he wants me to do a LP without knowing anything about the game. I saw a previous comment regarding monetizing videos, and would like to ask the same. You can reach me at the email I provided, as well as view videos of other games I’ve played on the youtube channel I have linked on my website.

    Thank you.

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  13. Andrew Pennebaker

    Cute game. My Xbox 360 controller’s Left and Right buttons work for controlling the game, but no other buttons function. Could we please add more default button layouts for 360 controllers by default?

  14. Anonymous

    I just found out about eversion and started playing recently and gotta say, my friend, you just gained a fan.

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  16. Nikorasu

    So I heard this was a horror game. What exactly is scary about it? Are there jump scares? Or are there just some creepy things about it? thanks in advance

    1. Shadow ZeeTee

      Each time you evert, the world becomes progressively darker and scarier… Imagine seeing your world being corrupted by sin itself, and that’s about the best description.

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  25. Pizza Slice

    hey zaratustra, its been a while since this was existing, why not give the game eversion an anniversary? (a scary one >:P)

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  29. Harley Lynch

    Well. My first impression: this may as well have just been called ‘Anxiety: The Game’ and had the exact same effect.

    I’ve played a lot of ‘scary’ games in my life. I have never been so legitimately uncomfortable as I have during one of the modes- where the swirls turn into thorns and everything explodes into blood and the score counts down. My chest is still tight.

    A+. Thanks man, good work. :)

  30. Antonymous

    Hi Zaratustra, I feel like trying it. Is there an online version (like James Burton’s Bill the demon) or only downloadable ones? Thanks in advance.

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  32. Keith Rueckert

    I’m very happy to discover this website. BLOGTITLE I want to to thank you for your time for this fantastic read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it and i also have you saved to fav to check out new things on your blog.

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