Eversion Steam

Eversion Steam

Platform: Shiny (Windows / Linux / Mac)

Controls: Keyboard: Arrows move, Z jumps, X everts / Joystick: Pad moves, B1 jumps, B2 everts

Credits: Zaratustra (game), Miroslav Malesevic (some of the music), zath (some more of the music)

“deceptively awesome”VGCats

“sounds – possibly musical – heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being.” For the real fans of Eversion, a Steam version is now available!

Click here to go to the Steam purchase page.

Differences between the Steam version and the free version:

  • Higher resolution (640×480) and more detailed graphics
  • Small changes to make the game easier for newcomers
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards for time attack mode
  • Support for custom levels on time attack mode
  • A third easter egg ending!

29 thoughts on “Eversion Steam

  1. MetalHead

    There is a bug in the Eversion Steam game in Linux platforms.
    When I try to start Time Attack, the game crash with a segmentation fault bug and Steam don’t correct it.

      1. Captain_Taco

        Hey, is Zeta’s World gone from here? I really liked that game a ton because it reminded me so much of Super Mario World, though I never figured out how to beat the final boss. Man, I had no idea how to beat that guy…

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  3. Speedy

    Yo, Zaratustra.. Speedy here, huge Eversion fan.

    I was wondering, with the new trading card system on Steam and with Eversion having cards.. well..

    I finished the game 100%. Did Time Attack a bunch of times too.. and I’ve also gotten kinda tired of replaying the older versions, haha..

    But my real question here is, well.. are you ever going to properly release the map editor? And, if yes.. have you thought about getting a Workshop for Eversion? I’d love to see user created maps for the time attack mode, but they’re so damn hard to find..

    If Eversion had a Workshop on Steam, I’m pretty sure we’d be getting some sweet user created content soon! :D

    1. zaratustra Post author

      The map editor was made by a third party! I never added workshop support to Eversion because I didn’t see anyone ever doing anything with it.

      1. Speedy

        That’s.. slightly disappointing. Also, I wasn’t aware you didn’t make the map editor- Eheh.. oops?

        It’s a shame though, I’m pretty sure people would upload maps.. They seem to be doing it for everything.

        The map editor just needs to be made public, but if you didn’t make it, that’s going to be difficult to have happen, I guess..

  4. Carson

    hello, I’m Carson of Something Wicked Games, I run a youtube channel (youtube.com/user/somethingwickedgames) and a blog (stated in the website column) we are writing an essay on cognitive dissonance that was inspired by eversion. I hoped to discuss the multi-planar mechanic, I was hoping to discuss the fact that the deeper eversions had less obstacles but more enemies, while the surface layers had less dangerous enemies but more obstacles, then tie that into what I’m guessing was the intentionally and thoughtfully placed disconnect I experienced almost constantly when deciding whether I wanted to go into a more dangerous world or a harder to traverse world. this is starting to get long so I hope you can get Guilherme to contact me so I can pick his brain, this game was a work of genius and it would just overjoy me to see what he thinks of it

  5. D. H.

    Hello, I looked through the site and did not see any statement on youtube monetization for Eversion gameplay, and was commenting to ask if I’d be able to get permission to do so. It’d be for at least one video of about 17 minutes in length I already have recorded, of playing the game for the first time. If not, that’s fine, but I would ask if I could use the footage for a non-monetized video at that point.

    I’ve only just started my youtube channel, and I’d rather not go against creator wishes.

  6. Gabriel

    Hello Zaratustra

    I really like your super cool Eversion game. After playing the freeware version I found out from my pals that there is a new version on Steam and wanted to buy it…
    Unfortunately, I ain’t a computer expert (but I do know how to buy stuff on the computer as I buy stuff like fossils, dvds, few games on Amazon…etc…)

    I tried making a new Steam account but whenever I check for availability of the name for the account, it says Available but when I try to continue, it does not proceed to create the wanted account ( and all the other boxes are checked and correct.)

    I want to know if I can purchase this version of Eversion somewhere else besides Steam.

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