Eversion / Eversion Steam

Eversion / Eversion Steam

Platform: Shiny (Windows / Wine, later Mac / Linux)

Credits: Guilherme Stutz Töws (game), Miroslav Malesevic (some of the music), Matthew Steele (some of the Steam version’s music)

“deceptively awesome”VGCats

An entry for TIGsource’s Commonplace Book Competition that was later expanded as a complete Steam game. A cute platformer with a dark secret.

Eversion was built on a self-made engine called Shiny, which uses SDL for rendering and Ruby as a scripting environment. The game was originally made in a month, but was later polished in about 6 months for its Steam release: the graphics were polished, Steam support was built in, and the engine was made functional on Mac and Linux.

The game is a platformer that relies on the ‘everse’ mechanic, which, when used in certain points of the landscape (identifiable by the change in background color and music), allows the player to move themselves to different ‘layers’ where the game mechanics change.

The game enjoyed some popularity in the “Let’s Play” YouTube communities, which allowed its eventual acceptance into pre-Greenlight Steam.

Download Eversion v1.7.3 here – local mirror

Eversion’s Steam page – prospective employers and press may contact me regarding keys

Left and Right - Walk
Z - Jump
X- Everse (in certain areas)
ESC - Return to main screen. You may restart from any level you’ve reached.

One thought on “Eversion / Eversion Steam

  1. Ali.

    Any chance of more eversion layers being implemented? Maybe exclusive to the steam version? I’m sure you can conjure up something even more horrifying than the eight eversion layer. :P


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