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Who is Zaratustra Productions?

Zaratustra Productions is mostly the works of one person named Guilherme S. Töws. Some works on this site have been made with the aid of other great people; notably, a lot of games have songs by Zath.

Can I broadcast myself playing one of your games (“Let’s Play”), possibly sponsored by a third party such as ad-supported YouTube?

You may, provided you credit the game properly and provide a link to the game in a visible position.

Other than play broadcasts, can I use assets from your games on my own works?

Only if they’re not commercial works. In particular, the songs are owned by their specific composers, and should not be distributed without their agreement.

Contact me if you have a business proposition or require clarification of any terms.

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  1. UboaJohnson

    I edited a code for eversion so I can get a steam achievement but now it wont load up. may I have the original copy of all 3 of the code thngs?

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