Platform: Processing.js (HTML5)

Controls: Mouse only

You’ve shipwrecked on an island, and no rescue is in sight. The only choice is to keep breeding and see for how long your gene pool can sustain itself. Watch out, inbreeding leads to sterile mutants!

Instructions below the app.

Left click a male (blue) and a female (purple) of proper age to breed them.

Mates with no danger of producing mutants are highlighted, but you can breed any male-female couple provided neither are mutants.

Right click a person to lynch them, but they will put up a fight and will hurt other people.

If the average age drops too much, kids might have accidents. Overpopulation leads to starvation.

3 thoughts on “Breeders

  1. Gwendo

    Hello! I like to play this game whenever I remember it, but I can’t seem to control it anymore. I can make the years progress by either clicking the bottom or a key, but I can never seem to select the circles, so I can’t breed anyone; the original seven just slowly die of old age. :c Please advise, or repair?

  2. DRLS

    Is this about inbreeding? It seemed to be about that considering how mutants were increasing by numbers every new generation

    1. DRLS

      Inbreeding is probably just one of many factors this game takes into account. If I avoid it as much as I can, the population lasts longer.
      I got to 293!


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